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Welcome to CLIF
In 1995, the scientific research community Computational Linguistics and Language Technology was founded, otherwise known as CLIF (Computational Linguistics in Flanders). CLIF is funded by the Fund for Scientific Research. It has become the central contact point for computational linguistics and language and speech technology in Flanders. The CLIF-project was extended already two times and now runs until the end of 2010. CLIF aims to
  • Strengthen the integration of fundamental research on language and speech technology in Flanders to establish multidisciplinary, fundamental and applied research of natural language and Dutch in particular.
  • Facilitate research activities of the participating research groups, improving (re-)usability of data for spoken and written language.
  • Promote knowledge transfer by organizing workshops, conferences and seminars.
  • Deliver advice and services in the area of language and speech technology to scientific organizations, researchers, educators, media, industry and government.

The Flemish core partners of CLIF are:
CLARIN: all CLIF members are also the Flemish CLARIN members. The role of Flanders in CLARIN is governed by CLIF. See also the official CLARIN website and the Flemish CLARIN website.